VOCAMERICA is a certified Fan-Produced VOCALOID concert event featuring Western VOCALOIDS and Vocal Synths. The project is the creation of Virginia-based VOCALOID producer EmpathP. The goal of VOCAMERICA is to educate and entertain fans of this ever-growing musical phenomenon with emphasis on the more uncommon Western VOCALOIDs. This is achieved through providing live holographic concerts, lectures, and workshops to conventions and expos all over the world.

EmpathP (otherwise known as Aki Glancy) is an American musician, illustrator, and Producer from Virginia. Specializing in the creation of original VOCALOID works, her credits include illustrating the Celtic English VOCALOID “AVANNA” and voice-providing for the American English VOCALOID “DAINA”. Her non-VOCALOID related credits include providing the voices for “Miss Bizz” on “Mystery Brony Theater 4000”, and “Sylandri Veilwalker” on the Warhammer 40k YouTube show “If the Emperor had a Text-to-Speech Device”. Currently she is the manager and sponsor of VOCAMERICA.