Tea Parties

The Lolita Tea Party will take place in Events 3/4 on Sunday May 28 at 6pm. This will feature games and a raffle.

Anime Oasis will also provide many other tea parties for upto 18 people for various themes. Priorty for attendance is given to those in costume for the theme or most suitable for the theme.

Friday May 26:
4:00PM After School Tea Party - All school uniforms welcome
7:00PM Black Butler Tea Party
11:30PM Steampunk Tea Party

Saturday May 27:
12:00PM Fruits Basket Tea Party
5:30PM Tea Party for those with a dislike for cosplay
9:00PM Attack on Titan Tea Party

Sunday May 28:
1:00PM Bring your Animal Friends Tea Party
4:00PM Fairy Tail Tea Party
Monday May 29:
1:00PM Brittish Accent Tea Party