Tanglwyst de Holloway:

Tanglwyst de Holloway is a seasoned, award winning costume designer for stage and screen. She started her career working for the Utah Shakespearean Festival in 1988 and continued her work throughout the country. She has done production work for dozens of plays and presentations, ranging from high profile to high school productions. She was asked to teach her techniques all over the country and has recently written a book called Surviving Your Own Creativity under the pen name Tonya Adolfson.

Her day job is as the Casting Director and Audio Book Production for FJ Publishing, in conjunction with Dragonfleet Studios. She is in charge of the Indie and Small Press Audio Books. Her duties include scouting for new talent, both on the voice acting and on the book side. She is authorized by her company to listen to author's presentations in Pitch Sessions, and conduct Casting Calls at conventions.

Her best-selling book series The Souls of the Saintlands releases book nine, The Twofold Sword, summer of 2019.

Engineering Costumes
Description: Are you looking at a cosplay that defies physics? Do you live in a world with gravity? Then this class is for you! Tanglwyst will use her 30+ years of costume design to help you analyze and engineer wearable costumes, despite these pesky factors. She will also teach you how to interpet the information you see to determine what has worked and what YOU can do.

Gaming and Girls
Description: Are you a gamer? Do you game with women? Do you want to? Do you want to play a female character without pissing off your girlfriend? This class will go over fundamental gaming activites like how to run a game or how to create a backstory for females and female characters. Also helpful for online gaming.

Costuming for Your Body
Description: We don't all have the same body as the character we want to cosplay. Sometimes, we aren't the same age, weight, height, race, or gender-presenting as the character. This class talks about how to handle those differences, including how to dress modestly for a sexy character and how to handle cultural differences respectfully.

Build Your Dream Cosplay
Description: You have a cosplay in mind or in production. Maybe you're currently wearing it! But there's this one part... This class will go over different options for how to get the confusing but to work!