Speed Dating

Speed Dating in now strictly 18+ only. ID will be checked.
Attendees are placed in to groups of guys and girls. For 2 minutes, each guy/girl pairing will be able to introduce themselves to each other. After the time ends, the guys will rotate and another 2 minute period of introduction will begin with the new pairing.
After the session, guys will leave their contact information for girls they were interested in.

Because of the mismatched numbers, there will be two session. Girls will remain for both and get to meet twice as many guys. Guys in the first session will leave and second session guys will enter.

After both sessions, girls will pick up the contact information that has been left for them.

Guys will need to sign up for this event , time TBD. Instructions will be given and an assignment to either session 1 or 2.
Girls will just show up to the event and be given an indentification number.

The new system we have designed with reduce time loss and allow particpants to meet the most number of potential matches as possible.