Anime Oasis Policies

Advertising Policy:

Anime Oasis is operated in a manner that has the best interests of our attendees in mind. Attendees are overwhelmingly our #1 source of income and we answer almost exclusively to them.
As such, Anime Oasis only permits advertising materials to be distributed by 3rd parties that are directly involved with Anime Oasis. Such materials MUST be directly related to the purpose for which the distributing group is invovled with the convention.
Acceptable advertising includes business cards and/or flyers distributed by guests, dealers, artist alley artists, and other pre-approved directly involved parties which are advertising for the approved party.
No approved party may distribute any materials on behalf of any other party.
All distribution of materials must occur in approved areas.
No materials may be distributed in common areas such as water tables, Anime Oasis program book distribution areas, Anime Oasis registration table, etc.
No materials may be attached to the walls of the hotel or arena.

Press Policy:

Anime Oasis grants free access to the convention to members of the press.
For more specialized press inquiries, such reports for websites; please contact us in advance at

Weapons Policy:

Anime Oasis understands that prop weapons are a major part of cosplay and the anime convention scene in general.
Prop weapons that are structurely sound and handled in a safe manner are never an issue.
We do not allow live steel weapons (those with metal blades).
Airsoft guns must be disabled.
We ask that you do not bring firearms to the convention.


Animals are not permitted at the convention excepting medicaly required service animals.

Foot Wear:

Shoes/Footwear are required in all convention areas.