K-Pop Dance Game
Late night, just for K-pop fans. Pajamas or K-pop style prefer (anything acceptable). K-pop themes dances, music and games.

Are you Geek Enough?
How much of a geek are you? Are you just a dabbler in dork, or can you name every actor of every science fiction show? Get your friends together and go head to head against another team, and find out if you're geek enough to win.

Iron Cosplay Challenge
Think you have what it takes to make a cosplay in less than 10 minutes?! Using only Dollar store supplies, participants will join forces in teams and race to create a cosplay. The clock will be ticking and hosts may spring an extra challenge on you! Quick, everyone may only stand on one leg! Winners will be selected by the audience, and, YES, there will be prizes for winning teams!

Kings Game (Persona 4)
The event is based off the popular ps2 game, Persona 4! Each person is given a stick, the person who gets the red marked one is the king and the rest have ones with numbers. The king gives an order and a number and the person with that number must do what he says.

Japanese in an Hour
This is not your basic phrasebook Japanese. You can get that from a phrasebook. A short list of nouns and verbs will be given and basic sentence structure will be taught. Japanese pronunciation is also included. By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to ask and answer simple questions in Japanese and talk about what they have done or will do.

Body positive and Anti-bully Panel
Is all about accepting ourselves and others for who we are. It's our goal to share the experiences that we've had with body image and bullies, in hopes that we can help each other learn to accept ourselves and grow. We'll explore ways to support and stand for each other in all our cosplay and non- cosplay related endeavors. We hope this will become an open discussion exploring these issues that affect many of us everyday. Entering our 3rd year who hope to see many new and old faces!

Tokyo Ghoul Truth or Dare
Come play Truth or Dare (or Ghoul) with a couple of 'definitely human' individuals!

How to Survive your 1st Convention
I will be teaching on how to survive your first convention. Basically your going to be learning tips and ticks on how to survive your first ever Anime Convention this is very helpful for beginners or for any people out there who are going to a really big con and don't know where to start.

Cosplay Music Video Extravaganza!
Have you ever wanted to be a part of a cosplay music video? Well now is your chance! Join videographer Langarang in making a cosplay music video to celebrate your moment at Anime Oasis. Bring your favorite cosplay, bring your friends, and get ready to pose and participate on camera in this family friendly cosplay video shoot!

Anime Oasis Dance Party
An energetic and fun dance party meant for anyone and everyone so bring those dancing shoes and let's have some fun!

Haikyuu!! Slumber Party
Join the Karasuno gang at our slumber party as we play late night games, explore the world of Q+A with our cosplayers and hand out special prizes for a pajama contest. We hope to see all Haikyuu!! fans there sporting their most fashionable/Haikyuu!! inspired pajamas.

Ouran Oasis Host Club
"Come join us at the host club for a relaxing yet hilarious session of crazy antics, calming atmosphere, and cute boys with way too much free time on their hands."

Whose Line Is It Anyway?
A fun, fast-paced improv game that relies on audience participation. Based off of the show Whose Line Is It Anyway.

Hetalia: After Dark [18+]
Come join your favorite Hetalia characters as they answer your deepest, darkest questions! Hosted by your favorite countries and full of worldly shenanigans, this panel will surely go down in history! Just try not to start a war.

18+ Late Night Improv
The entertainment will be through audience participation and playing improv games and theater games. 18+ for some mature topics and language.

Ouran host club Q&A / truth or dare.
A Q&A will be the first thing that happens then a truth or dare and possibly some games for small prizes.

Cosplay is not consent; How to avoid drama in cosplay!
We are two local cosplayers and (if accepted) first time panelists! We've been to enough cons that we feel we can share our experiences with others to discuss the issue of "Cosplay is not consent" and the wide range of issues the movement covers. (proper convention etiquette, anti-bullying in cosplay, etc.)

This RWBY panel will be having a discussion about past volumes of RWBY and theories, a Cosplay Contest, and a few art display of the fans' OCs! The contest will take place during the panel, the winners will be announced 5 minutes before the panel ends. There will be 6 categories: Best Overall, Best Male, Best Female, Creativity, Best Rookie, and Cute. Finally there will be RWBY cosplay picture call!
How to Make a Cosplay Fan Film (w/ Langarang and Little Lady Fish Cosplay)
Have you ever wanted to know how to bring your cosplay and others to life with the power of film? This is your panel! Nerd videographer Langarang and cosplay veteran Little Lady Fish Cosplay present their panel on tips and tricks to make your very own cosplay fan film. Join them to learn from their experiences on where to begin, how to handle production, and how to edit and publish your film once you've made it through the never ending stages of post-production. Sensational. Educational. Inspirational!

Furries and the Fandom
This panel will answer questions and help new people that want to get into the furry fandom such as questions and familiarize them with the many aspects of the fandom.

P.J. Party With the Bad Touch Trio
We (the other panelists [there's 3] and myself) would essentially be playing Truth or Dare as several characters from Hetalia with audience submitted truths and dares.

Operation Overwatch
Join the ranks of Overwatch! Your new commanding officers will be at the mercy of your interrogation during this hour long Q&A interactive panel.

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club panel.
The panel will be a Q&A with cosplayers in character from Free!, but we would like to switch it up a bit with more audience participation like games, trivia and getting the people who came involved as possible.

"Mystic Memeager"
During the panel we will be doing a Trivia Game, a skit and possibly a Q&A.

Danganronpa Panel
A Q&A session, a pg-13 truth or dare (no foul language) and a pictionary game.

Tiny Trivia Time: Kpop! Style
This is a kpop themed gameshow. We are going to have many small prizes as well as a grand prize of a BTS shirt. There will be a variety games such as: -Can You Guess the Kpop Group? -Name That Song! -Who's That Idol? -Dance It! Of course these aren't the only games, there will be many more!

Miraculous Ladybug Truth or Dare
Join Adrien and Marinette for some well-meaning Truth or Dare.

Love Live Dance Workshop
During this event we would be teaching people how to dance to Start! Dash while following their favorite girls.

2p hetalia taking over
This will be a pg-16 panel that has some sexual content but not alot. It will include questions, dares, small games and audience participation.

Love Live's Candied Muse
For our panel we will be doing a trivia game, some dances and a Q&A