No One Knows The Character I'm Cosplaying: A Guide - A troubleshooting panel that can help you figure out why you weren't recognized and the steps that can help you get your senpai to notice you.

Welcome to your first con! Come join your fellow con goers as they take you on an magnificent adventure on how to survive your first con. You'll be learning step by step on what it takes to have a fun and safe time at con but also to prepare yourself on the basics of the con life.

Haikyu!! Panel: Your favorite volley ball boys are here to Bump, Set, and Spike their way into your hearts with a Q&A and truth or dare!

Does this Cosplay make me look...??/How to Stay Body Positive: Cosplay Edition: A discussion that focuses on the importance of learning to love and accept yourself, especially in the cosplay community.

Voltron Q&A plus games: Come join the Paladins of Voltron as they answer all your questions about space. Will Keith and Lance finally reveal their feelings for each other?? Come and see.

Altering Designs for Cosplay: Moira’s guide to modifying character designs for cosplay, including gender-bending, gijinka (humanizing), and crossovers. Great for beginners looking for a place to start as well as experienced cosplayers interested in discussion. This panel focuses on designing and planning, not building costumes.

Japanese in an Hour: This is not your basic phrasebook Japanese. You can get that from a phrasebook. By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to ask and answer simple questions in Japanese and talk about what they have done or will do.

Sewing and Patterning Tips From the Beginner for the Beginner - A guide that can help people starting out or people that need a little more help understand the language of sewing and patterning from someone just like them.

The Basics of Editing AMV's: I will be teaching people the basics of editing AMV's and the use of Sony Vegas Pro 14. I will teach the terms and different names for effects, tools and transitions.

Ouran high school roast club: Come join beautiful boys with way too much time on their hands in a Q&A and truth or dare. You can also get a chance in wining your favorite hosts heart, in a round of the dating game!

How to make Cosplay More Affordable: The Things They Forget to Tell You - I cant afford Worbla, Arda is too expensive, and thanks Joanns for your supurb fabric prices. A deep walkthrough to get the beset bang for your buck.

Black Butler Slumber Party: Truth or Dare, Honey I love you, and Peanut Butter licking! Stupidly fun slumber party games with your favorite reapers and demons.

Doki Doki Don't Die (18+) (Doki Doki Literature Club): Doki Doki, the literature club is looking for new members. Don't mind the creepy music or glitchy characters it's all part of the g-gA@^%$(&&^%MONIKA. Ask us any questions you might (*&*%#@~ have and maybe give us a dare or two. We're excited to see you.

Miraculous Ladybug Truth or Dare!: Join Ladybug, Chat Noir, their alter-egos, and all their friends for an exciting game of Truth or Dare! Feel free to ask questions and get to know Paris' favorite superheroes during this fun-packed panel!

Kings Game Year 2 (All ages / 18+): The event is based off the popular ps2 game, Persona 4! Each person is given a stick, the person who gets the red marked one is the king and the rest have ones with numbers. The king gives an order and a number and the person with that number must do what he says.

Choose Your Senpai (18+): A classic 60s dating game where you can be in character or not and get to ask questions to 3 contestants. A fourth bonus question will be asked to the contestants and senpai will then choose who they would like to meet.

Q&A With The Defenders of the Universe (Voltron) (18+): ​The Castle of Lions is open to you (if you're old enough to join us) for some... alternative Q&A​. Ask any questions you want, no holds barred. The Paladins of Voltron are here for you.

Yaoi, a History: An entertaining and educational panel on the history and meaning of yaoi manga, from its inception to current incarnations. DEFINITELY ADULT ONLY. Presented by someone who majored in the academic study of yaoi! There will be a useful handout.

Mari Ohara's 3rd Year Jeopardy: Come test your Love Live knowledge & win cool prizes with a fun Jeopardy style trivia game hosted by the Aqours 3rd years!

Voltron Truth or Dare: A Truth or Dare Voltron Panel with all of the palidains. Kept PG – 13

Welcome To Voltron (Truth or Dare): Your favourite Paladins come together to answer all your questions and play a little truth or dare!

A Cheep Weebs Guide to Anime Collecting: A low budget weebs starter guide to collecting anime merchandise! This will be a snapshot guide for those looking into the hobby or are even advertised and just want to learn a little extra to save some pocket change. Come ask questions, win prizes, and get jazzed about how cool buying sweet anime figs can be.

2p hetalia Q/A panel: hello and welcome to the 2p hetalia panel!! we humbly invite you to join the 2p universe and enjoy games and other mischievous havoc, be sure to have a cupcake along the way dearies~

Matsu Madness: Japan’s favorite sextuplets are taking over Anime Oasis! SHEEEEEHHH! (PG-13)

Miraculous Q&A plus games: Come join Adrien, Marinette, and their friends for games, fun, and maybe even a reveal.

Free Iwatobi Swim Club Q&A: Come join the cast of Free! and ask them some questions you have about their lives or other characters. There will be lots of laughter and some trivia.

Tiny Trivia Time: Meme Style : Welcome to Tiny Trivia Time: Meme Style! This is a fun filled gameshow where you can join or watch the competition of memes. We will test your knowledge of these beautiful creations through pictures, words, and music. If you earn any points, please stay for a fabulous meme related prize! Do you really know your memes? Come find out! Please note that the content may contain offensive language.

Yuri On Ice Press Conference: The skaters from Yuri On Ice are gathered together to take your questions and dares, as well as involve you in some fun games and activities. Join us in all of the chaos that ensues when you get Viktor Nikiforov, Yuuri Katsuki, and Yuri Plisetsky together along with their friends.

Whose Line Is It Anyway?: Want to do some fandom-themed improv? Join us for an assortment of fun improv games and see if you’ve got what it takes to make the audience laugh!

Hetalia world meeting: Come hang with the country’s as we discuss our recent meeting and experience the troubles of countries getting along.

Homestuck: Truth or Dare or Troll?: Join the kids and trolls of Homestuck for a wild game of Truth or Dare, some zany Q&A, and even the Quadrant Game!

AO Dance Night: An anime-themed dance featuring a mix of Japanese, Korean and fun american music. A fun event to help get members of the convention to come together and have a fun dance hosted by con attendees!

Shining*Idols - an Uta no Prince-sama Panel: Welcome to Shining Radio! Hosted by Haruka Nanami as she introduces members of Shining Productions. There will be a Q&A, Truth or Dare, even "Ask an Idol Anything" to receive answers to your troubles. There will also be interactive activities for attendees to enjoy. Come spend time with your favourite idols!

Free! 18+ Pajama Party (18+): Come have fun at the Free! Pajama Party where there will be fun, games, and raunchiness galore. Have any burning questions that you couldn’t ask because the panel was family friendly? Come to the panel and enjoy the freedom of 18+!

Late Night Improv (18+): Join us for a night of vulgar and hilarious improv games. Note: This event includes lots of swearing and innuendos and is definitely not approved for children. All you need is yourself! Leave your inhibitions at home and get ready to laugh until you cry.

Yuri on Ice! Q+A: Ask your questions for the YOI skaters.

Danganronpa Cosplay Surviving Game: Cosplay Surviving Game // Hope vs Despair : Are you an ultimate? Think you've got what it takes to survive this killing game? If you said yes to one of these questions (that's right, we need pawns too!), come join us on this cosplay surviving game! You might even win something. We "hope" to see you there, puhuhuhu!

Dragon Ball Z Q&A: Come join the cast of Dragon Ball Z and talk about some events that happened in the series, and ask some questions.

Cosplay Characterization: You’ve seen your custom and built your props, but to finish your cosplay you need to do one more thing: become your character. Come learn how to build your cosplay from the inside and truly become your character.

Joke's on You: A Persona 5 Q and A: As a silent protagonist, Joker’s personality can be interpreted differently from player to player. Join the shenanigans as three unique Jokers and a few of your other favorite Persona 5 characters answer questions, take dares, and play other exciting games!

Dare the Paladins of Voltron!: Join the Paladins of Voltron for an exciting game of Truth or Dare, and feel free to ask questions as you get to know the Defenders of the Universe!

All Villians Q+A: A Q+A panel where the baddest of Villians will answer questions from the audience, it's gonna be a wicked time so dare to come!

The Ita Bag Panel & Fashion Show: Ita; derived from the Japanese word Itai, meaning ouch or painful. Quite literally translating to “painful bag”, an Ita-bag is a backpack, purse, etc. dedicated to your favorite characters and shows! This is done by covering the bag with as much merchandise as physically possible, such as buttons, keychains, plushes and everything in between. Put simply, it’s basically a portable shrine of your favorite character! Come show off your Ita-bag and vote for your favorites in an Ita-bag fashion show! Interested in learning more about Ita-bags and/or creating your own, but don’t know where to start? Stop by for a crash course on everything you need to know about starting your first Ita-bag! So come join the fun, and feel that ITA LOVE.

Cosplaying and Props: Are they worth it - A panel on learning when props can add or take away from your costume, weather or not the hassle is worth it, and tips on making prop easier to maintain.

Killing Game Q&A: a dangon ronpa panel: Come ask your favorite killing game characters all the questions you’re dying to know like why Kokichi has a statue of Rantaro in his room, or why Togami only cares about money. Be sure to make us suffer with your most despair inducing dares!!!

K-pop Games and Discussion: Our panel will have many fun mini games, such as "Guess That Idol", "Engrish", "K-pop Group Guessing Game" and many more. There will be prize drawings, which will give people the opportunity to win K-pop merchandise or anime-related merchandise. We will also discuss about old K-pop fandoms and new K-pop fandoms.

Discussion panel on Killing Stalking: This is an open discussion panel that will go over some of the main conversations presented by the manwa Killing Stalking. I incourage people to speak up about what they think of this interesting comic and what they like about it.There will also be a Kahoot Trivia anyone can participate in as long as they have a device that has internet connection and prizes will be given for the top scoring on the Trivia.