Anime Oasis Mascot and Sidekicks

In the fall of 2008, Anime Oasis commissioned a new mascot for our move to The Grove Hotel in May of 2010.
Chiara was selected from a number of entries.
Chiara was 19 when Anime Oasis Saga took place in 2010. (Her birthday is the first day of Anime Oasis each year.)
Chiara will turn 28 at the beginning of Anime Oasis Dynamite in May of 2019.

Originally, Chiara had one sidekick. A brown male American Pika named Pikan. Pikan was retired after Anime Oasis Shine in 2015.
Chiara's second sidekick, a white female American Pika named Pikant, was introduced for Anime Oasis Final in 2011. Pikant was retired after Anime Oasis Premium in 2017.
The name Chiara was take from Italian and means "bright" or "shining".
The names of Pikan and Pikant are a combination of "Pika" and "Can"/"Can't". There are a number of instances in anime where sidekicks have positive and negative names and this concept was applied here.
Chiara changes her offical outfit every 2 years. Her 5th and final for her 9th and 10th years (Anime Oasis EX and Anime Oasis Dynamite) is pictured on the far right.
Chiara also has a number of other outfits that have been featured.
Chiara, Pikan and Pikant are illustrated exclusively by Jasmine Thomas.