Ryo Katagiri:

Ryo Katagiri is a Manga University artist who has illustrated more than a dozen books, including “The Manga Cookbook Vol. 3: Fusion Food with Character” in collaboration with Crunchyroll, and the all-new “How to Draw Manga: Basics & Beyond,” which will make its worldwide debut at Anime Oasis Dynamite. Fluent in both Japanese and English, Katagiri-sensei is looking forward to meeting everyone and sharing some really cool drawing tips. Boise will mark her first trip to the United States, so follow her on Twitter @girigiri0099 as she prepares for her excellent Idaho adventure.

In addition, she has had several manga published in Japan, including two titles that were serialized in Business Jump magazine. She is also working on a third series right now. One series, titled “Tutti,” is a slice-of-life manga centered on high school music students. Katagiri-sensei has also illustrated several instructional manga, including a popular guide to Japanese rice wine (sake) published by the Japan Travel Bureau.