• Opening Ceremonies

    Opening Ceremonies is a star-studded official kick-off to the convention. You'll be introduced to our special guests for this year, learn more about events, and there an occassional bit of wacky humor. This is a great chance to get into the convention mindset for the coming days ahead.

  • Autograph Session

    This year, Autograph Sessions will be split into a "A session" and a "B session". Please check posting at the convention for guest availability for each session. Autographs are free of charge when you bring your own item. Some guests have photographs that you can purchase for an additional fee.

  • Cosplay Chess

    A live game of chess played out between two teams of cosplayers. Attendees with costumes are welcome to enter or watch. As the pieces are moved, cosplayer add their own personal touch to defeating opponent's pieces.

  • Mikuasis

    Prepare to enter the digital world of Vocaloid. Join Hatsune Miku and her firends at their live-action concert here at Anime Oasis

  • Dance

    This is a techno dance style event. Open to all ages.

  • J-Fashion Show

    Attendees are welcome to enter our J-Fashion Show and display either purchased or homemade outfits in the following categories:
    Traditional Japanese Attire
    J-Rock/Visual Kei
    Misc (anything else Japanese related)
    (Sign up location to be announced.)

  • Anime Music Video Contest

    Anime Music Video are homemade videos that set anime to popular music.
    Rules for entering are as follows:
    All entries must be recieved by Friday May 9th, 2015.
    Videos must be at least 30 seconds long and no longer than 7 minutes.
    Files must be in mp4, wmv, avi or mkv format. Or can be taken from a Youtube link. No exceptions.
    All videos must be entered by the original creator.
    Videos must be appropriate for a PG13 audience.

    Entries must be emailed to animeoasis@yahoo.com
    Or mailed to:
    Anime Oasis
    123 Sunnyside Dr
    Caldwell, ID 83605.

    Please include the title of your video and the real name of the creator with submission.

  • Convention All-Star Wiffleball

    Wiffle Ball returns for anyone interested. Team line-ups may vary, but there is plenty of fun to be had watching this "friendly" match up.

  • Cosplay Sign up/Practice/Costume Judging

    This is for everyone entering the cosplay challenge. Once you have signed up, you must stay in the Arena until you have completed your performance. We will accept video introductions and music for skits at this time.

  • Roller Disco

    Get ready to go old school! The Anime Oasis Roller Disco is unlike anything else in the anime convention world. Our DJ will be mixing classic disco, late 70s/early 80s anime, and other great skating songs live on two turntables. Bring your own skates or borrow ours. (Roller Blades are ok! Skates are required, waviers required and are available on site. Wavier required for all, under 18 must have parents sign waiver.)

  • Speed Dating

    Short on time, yet looking to meet new people with similar interests? Take 3 minutes to get to know a new person of the opposite sex, before moving on. Mark the those who are interest to you, we'll process the results, and give you a connection. This event is intended for those 18+. However, there will be an under 18 "Make new friends" event at the same time. Last year, this event was way more popular than expected. We have formatted it and are prepared for many more people.
  • Battle Cosplay

    Battle Cosplay
    The original Battle Cosplay event. Developed in 2004 by Anime Oasis. Battle Cosplay features teams of two cosplayers acting out fighting game like moves to defeat their opponents. Each battle consists of a best 2 of 3 fight. One person on each team rolls dice and the other fights. Luck and skill will determine an ultimate winner.

  • Closing Ceremonies

    Closing Ceremonies
    The official end of the convention. Hear the guest talk about how much they enjoyed the convention and learn about future events.