Dealer's Room

The Anime Oasis dealer's room is the best place to find anime goods in Idaho.
Anime Oasis admission is required to enter the dealer's room.

In addition to the massive amount of goods for sale, the dealer's room is also where you can meet our guests for autographs or to purchase goods they might happen to be selling.

Anime Oasis currently not accpeting new dealers, with the exception of Lolita Fashion (full outfits/dresses). Being an Anime Convention; we are only looking for dealers are focus on anime goods, Lolita fashion and/or other unique Japanese goods. Sales of American comics, sci-fi goods, action figures, etc are NOT a good fit for our event and will be rejected. Please understand that Anime Oasis is focused solely on Anime. Tables will only be sold after confirmation of a potential dealer's product selection.