• Cosplay Challenge

    The Cosplay Challenge allows cosplayers to compete in a performance based cosplay event that isn't restricted by the classical limits.

    There will be $1775 total in Cash prizes for the Anime Oasis Compile Cosplay Challenge.

    Performance/Overall Awards:
    Best in Show $600
    2nd Place $400
    3rd Place $200
    4th Place $100
    5th Place $50
    Additional Costume Awards:
    Best Costume: Expert Division $200
    2nd Place: Expert Division $100
    3rd Place: Expert Division $50
    Best Costume: Novice Division $50
    2nd Place: Novice Division $25

    The Anime Oasis Compile Cosplay Challenge also highlights our venue.
    The CenturyLink Arena provides seating for more than 3000 people and features full stadium seating.
    The Anime Oasis Compile Cosplay Challenge will allow cosplayers to push the limits.
    A large floor space will be provided with 60' ceilings.

    Cosplayer will be allowed [and encouraged] to submit a video introduction for their skit. Video introductions will replace the standard introduction read by the event host. This will allow cosplayers to set-up their skits using video and sound to pull the audience into their skit. These introductions will be displayed on the Arena's big screen display.

    The judging system will allow for upto 7 attendee judges, along with 5 panel/guest judges and upto 2 costume judges.  By using this system, we can eliminate the "magic" system of judging and use mathematical formulas to produce results more quickly.  This system will also allow Anime Oasis Compile cosplay staff to greatly reduce the effect of any possible judging fraud.  Results will be held until awards.  Awards will be given directly following the contest.

    Costume value is considered at 20% of all attendee and panel judges scores.
    Overall, costumes are valued
    at least  40% of a skit's total score.  Costume value will also be factored into each attendee and panel judge's overall score based on personal opinion.

    Cosplay Challenge Rules:

    #1.  Stage Area.  
    The cosplay challenge will take place in the Arena.  All audience members will be seated in elevated seating and will be seated on three sides of the staging area, with a very extensive seating presence directly in front of the staging area. You will have use of the following stage space:
    45'x55' Open Floor Area.  The floor is concrete and can handle any number of people.
    Should any person in your group, costume or prop cross the RED LINE, there will be a % penalty deducted for the group's overall score. Each violation of the rule is a 5% penalty, maximum 25% deduction.
    Your group members, costumes or props maybe corss the BLUE LINE into the back stage area at any time without a penalty.
    Lines will be marked on the floor of the arena.

    Map is an estimation, actual location of floor/stage areas may change, Size of area will not change.
    Dark Blue is audience seating. Purple is the large video display.

    #2.  Video Introduction.
    The large arena video display will be used to display a video introduction your group can make in advance.
    It is highly recommended that you take advantage of the video introduction, although it is not required.
    Video introductions are intended to replace a written intro that is read by convention staff and allow for maximum impact.
    The video intro will be played just prior to your group taking the stage for competition.
    The maximum length of a video intro is 45 seconds.  
    Video introductions must be turned in during cosplay sign ups.  Acceptable formats are mp4, wmv, avi or mkv formats. No exceptions will be made.
    Violations of the time limit are as follows:
    Actual video time 45.1-49.9 seconds is a penalty of 5%.  
    Actual video time in excess of 50 seconds is a penalty of 5% and your video intro will not be used.

    #3.  Performance Time Limit.
    The time limit for your performance is *5 minutes*.
    Your time will start immediately following your introduction [either Video Intro or Written Intro].
    Violations of time limits will result in a penalty as follows:
    Actual performance time 5:01-5:09 is a penalty of 5%
    Actual performance time 5:10-5:19 is a penalty of 15%.
    Actual performance time 5:20 and above will result in disqualification.
    Anime Oasis may not provide any notification of time limit reached.  (This may change prior to the event.)
    Any performance that reaches 5:30 will be shut down and forced from the stage.

    #4.  Set-up / Clean Up Time Limit.
    If your require setup time, you may set-up the stage/floor area during your introduction.
    If for some reason your require an extra amount of setup time, you may request up to and extra 30 seconds, after which your introduction will begin, followed by your performance.
    Violations of set-up time limit does not carry a score penalty, however, your performance time limit will begin even if your set-up is not yet finished.
    If you require setup time, utilizing the maximum time for video introduction will give you maximum setup time.
    The is a maximum of 1 minute for clean up of all props, etc afterr each skit.  All items belonging to your group must be removed from the stage area in this time.  Violation of the 1 minute limit is a 5% penalty.
    Extreme violations will be handled on a case by case basis.

    #5.  Cosplay Sign-ups.
    Cosplay Sign-up will take place Saturday Afternoon, directly before the cosplay event.  
    Once you have singed up, you may practice on the actaul stage area. Your group may not leave the arena floor / backstaging area until your performance in the cosplay challenge has been completed.

    To sign-up, you will need:
    Everyone in your group in costume with your convention badge(s).
    Any music/pre-recorded vocals you plan to use during your performance. (If Any)
    Your video introduction.  (If Any. may be on same disc as music.)
    We can also copy video intros and music from a USB drive.

    Your costumes will be judged during the cosplay sign-ups, to allow us enough time to judge.
    After you sign-up and have your costumes judged, you may practice and examine the staging area/backstage area.
    If you require a large amount of space to store items/costumes, such space can be provided. However, we will not have materials available to cover such items/costumes which may be in partial view of audience members. Also, we will not be responsible for security of such items/costumes.
    #6.  Acceptable Costumes.
    Your costume(s) must be from an Anime, manga, video game or other japanese source.

    Original costumes are not acceptable.
    If you have questions, you must contact us in advance, or you may barred from entering.
    Costumes may weight up to 2000 lbs.  If your costume weights over 1000 lbs, you must contact us in advance to make special arrangements.
    Costumes may be up to 45ft tall.  If your costume exceeds 20ft, you must contact us in advance to make special arrangements.

    Costumes may not:
    * contain weapons as per convention policy
    * involve combustible liquid and/or gases, or any sort of combustible engine.
    * involve pyrotechnics, fog/smoke machines, liquids which may spill.
    * damage the arena floor or any other part of the hotel or arena.
    if you have doubts, please ask.

    Costumes may contain (assuming done in a safer matter.)
    * air compressors
    * electrical engines
    * safe projectiles [which do not pass the RED LINE]

    #7.  1 skit rule.
    Each person may only be involved in 1 skit in any way.
    No exceptions.

    #8.  Acceptable Content.
    Content in every performance must be acceptable for everyone age 10 and up.
    Violations of content will result in a Penalty of at least 5% and can result disqualification.
    Please ask us in advance if you have questions.  We will keep anything discussed a secret.

    #9.  Rules may change up to 45 days prior to the event.
    Rules may have been accidentally omitted.  Additional rules may be required based on hotel, convention or other policy.
    After 45 days prior to the event, rules will be set in stone.
    Any changes will be marked in a different color for at least 30 days.

    You must bring your Convention Badge with you when you sign up and when you take part in the contest. Any attempt to enter a group containing someone without a valid badge type can result in disqualification.
    An actual performance found to contain such person is instant disqualification and potential ban from future events.