Dead Town: Survivor
The Outbreak has begun. Can you survive in a zombie overrun city gone mad? Dead Town is a cooperative experience in survival horror. Work together, make decisions, kill zombies, and escape… if you can. Powered by the Modular Adventure System (MAS), every session of Dead Town is unique with outcomes dependent on audience choices. The zombie apocalypse atmosphere is best experienced by participants 13+ with a desire not to be eaten. DT: Survivor had been updated and will be revealed in its final form at Anime Oasis, 2019.

Dead Town: Kill Team
Zombies. Contagion. Quarantine. Secrets lurk behind the events of Dead Town… and a team of killers has been dispatched to make certain they stay buried. When an unlikely band of strangers are caught in the crossfire, they have only each other to count on in the battle for survival. Welcome to Kill Team, a completely new zombie outbreak adventure powered by the new MAS-IE engine. Every session is a unique interactive experience with different outcomes based on audience decisions. The struggle to escape is best served by enthusiastic participants who are 13+. This is the final version of Kill Team, newly unveiled for the first time!

Which Dead Town?
There are 2 different Dead Town zombie survival adventures to choose from. Both cast the audience as the main characters of an interactive story powered by an AI driven engine. The original Survivor provides the experience of finding yourself as one of the traditional archetypes inside of a zombie movie; with all of the tropes and big movie moments you expect. Kill Team has you take on the role of a specific individual caught in the quarantine, in a more personal and emotionally driven narrative experience.

Mega Dungeon Stompers-XL: The Under Delve Expeditions
The land was beset by monsters, they had infested every ruin and cavern. His Royal Majesty had a novel solution; create Guilds that organized the motley collection of individuals and rogues on the fringes of society into officialy chartered Adventuring Companies, where upon they were legally authorized clear out the dungeons and keep any treasure they find (taxable income of course). But tnow the land is beset by conflict between rival Guilds and bored high level adventurers. Before they can get organized enough to cause real trouble, the King has ordered the Olde Roade to the Under Delve be unsealed. For the first time in a generation, adventurous souls can take the dangerous journey to the remote town of Earth Wound, pay a fee at the Office of Subterranean Exploration and launch an even more dangerous expedition into the fabled deep earth kingdoms of the Under Delve in search of rare artifacts, precious trade goods and the mysterious magic of the Dark Elves. It’s once again, good to be an adventurer!
Select a character, join an adventuring company, explore perilous places, kill monsters and take their stuff. But be wary, the most dangerous foes of all are greed and your fellow adventurers in this team based competitive/cooperative RPG lite. Every time you play, you face a computer generated dungeon with your friends. Every playthrough provides opportunities to unlock new achievements and characters usable in future games, and you can compete in convention long challenges and ongoing cooperative quests with your fellow adventures. MDS-XL includes all content from the previous Azure University and Pets/Hirelings updates, along with new characters, monsters, treasures, and several new additional concurrent play modes. Launch player-led, multi-dungeon Expeditions into the murky Under Delve or help your faction come to power in the Guilds War PVP

All day Monday during posted hours, the COO-IE room will be hosting randomized dungeon crawls for MDS-XL. 20 Minutes after an adventure ends, the next will start. Feel free to stop in and out throughout the day to gear up and head out on the next expedition. Ongoing campaigns can be completed during the Delve Day adventures as normal, and special Delve Day achievements and other surprises will be featured.

COO-IE Presents: The Dating END Game: Dead Horse, 20 Year Anniversary Edition (18+)
Variously described as “a fake game show”, a “one man comedy routine… that excessively utilizes audiences members as props” and a “$*&%ing joke”, the Dating Game is the first event COO ran at conventions starting in 1999. Since 2004 (when the original members of COO realized it didn’t help them find dates and they gave up on the idea in discouragement), it has NOT been a serious attempt to help nerds hook up with each other. The Dating Game is an audience-active exploration of the point where nerdy, sexy and inappropriately funny meet. This special two hour long Dead Horse, 20 Year Anniversary show will be Colter’s last time hosting the Dating Game in Idaho. 18+ ID required.

COO-IE Presents: 140+* (One Last COO-IE Story Time) 18+
Over the course of 10 years as the Custodians of Otakudom and 10 more years as COO-Interactive Entertainment, 30 individuals contributed to running COO brand events at conventions around the country. 29 of those individuals are banned from speaking at this last Q&A discussion panel for COO-IE; to give out going COO boss Colter a chance to answer your most important questions, tell improbable stories and offer observations on con-life. *Estimated number of conventions Colter attended with COO/COO-IE; Heavy Drinking and poor record keeping could be lowering the total.

COO-Interactive Entertainment’s 10/20/Finale
This is goodbye, for now.
In 1999, the Custodians of Otakudom (a small anime club) travelled outside of Idaho to an anime convention to put on a poorly planned show as part of the scheduled programming. More events were added and the line up was performed at more conventions each year. In the mid 2000’s the Custodians, more commonly known as ‘COO’ released 3 feature length films about nerd life and the con scene. In 2009, COO collectively decided to disband and unanimously voted to give ownership of all COO media to myself, Colter Hillman, a founding member of the group. I created a new company, COO-Interactive Entertainment to continue providing programming for conventions. COO-IE released a number of new events and intellectual properties; the zombie survival game Dead Town and it’s spin off Dead Town: Kill Team; Karaoke Quest, the Sing Along Fantasy Adventure; the JRPG inspired dungeon crawler lite Mega Dungeon Stompers-XL; and many more. 2019 is a big year for COO-IE; 10 years in business and 20 years since ‘old COO’ (myself included) broke in to the convention scene. It is also the final year COO-IE will operate as a programming provider at conventions. There are a variety of factors behind the decision to drastically change up the COO-IE business model. I love conventions and the people that are the constituent parts there of; I kept COO-IE running a couple of years longer than doing so made business sense. The time has come for both myself and COO-IE to shake things up and break some new ground. I’m not saying that I won’t ever set foot in a convention again, or that you’ve seen the end of Dead Town or the Dungeon Stompers. I love performing the live events. I love the places I’ve been able to travel for (and between) shows. Conventions have been the most consistent part of my life since I was a teenager; I’ve been to well over a hundred and every single one has been a wild ride I wouldn’t trade for anything. There’s no easy way to end something that was such a huge part of your life; I’m never going write a blurb that can capture how I feel about the decades I’ve spent with COO. Besides, I have an entire panel scheduled to pontificate on my career highlights (check the program guide).
I want to invite you to come check out our events this weekend; whether you’re a regular, we haven’t seen you for a few years or you’re a total newb, we’ve got some surprises in store for your last run through Dead Town or instance stomping dungeons. I am so grateful to every person that has staffed a convention, attended our events, supported us through buying our merchandise, or otherwise been a participant in the COO story so far. Another chapter is ending, but that’s how books are made. Thank you all so much for being part of tale. Now, let's make some memories.
Colter H