Deadtown: The Outbreak has begun. Can you survive in a zombie filled city gone mad? Dead Town is a cooperative experience in multimedia survival horror. Work together, make decisions, kill zombies, and escape Dead Town… if you can. Powered by the Modular Adventure System (MAS), every session of Dead Town is unique with outcomes dependent on the audience. The zombie apocalypse atmosphere is best experienced by participants 13+ with a desire not to be eaten.

Paranoia: “Attention Citizens and Visitors of Hermes Space Station! This is a regularly scheduled test of the Infestation Control Protocols. Do not be alarmed, this is only a test. In the event of a real Brain Worm outbreak, infected individuals would behave oddly and subversive acts of sabotage would occur. Citizens are directed to the appropriate pamphlets in event of an actual Brain Worm invasion.” Paranoia is a social game of political intrigue set on alien infested Hermes Space Station; where alien imposters are taking over the brains of its citizens. Make sure to be on time for the setup briefing.

Mega Dungeon Stomper XL: The land is beset by monsters, infesting ever ruin and cavern. Everywhere, the people call for the Army to wipe out these nests of evil. But armies are expensive and His Royal Majesty has a better idea. Allow the motley collection of individuals on the fringes of society to Charter official Adventuring Companies, where upon they can enter dungeons and keep any treasure the return with (taxable income of course). Select a character, join a company, explore perilous places, kill monsters and take their stuff. But be wary, the most dangerous foes of all might just be your fellow adventurers. Team based cooperative dungeon fun. (Teen+)

THE DATING GAME: COO-Interactive Entertainment presents The Dating Game! Watch Fanboys and Fangirls compete for a chance at true love and eternal happiness… by which we mean they will spend a few awkward moments trying to avoid eye contact with a perfect stranger. The Dating Game is an audience participation event, with contestants drawn straight from the crowd to compete in challenges of physical daring and psychological audacity to impress potential soul mates. Due to the super charged atmosphere and a loose hold on social standards, the Dating Game is a 18+ event.