Battle Cosplay

Battle Cosplay is an original Anime Oasis event that first took place in 2004.

Cosplayers sign up in teams of 2 and compete using an original battle system in a single elimination tournament.
Battle Cosplay is completely unscripted. One player from each team will roll dice to determine their teammate's actions in battle. As the tournament progresses, the excitement builds as crowd favorites emerge. It a fun, no-contact battle that anyone could win.

Battle Cosplay has a LONG run time! As this is a tournament style event, teams could be involved from beginning until the end of the event. Please only plan to enter if you can stay the entire run time of the event of 3 hours.
Battle Cosplay check in will occur 1 hour before the event starts.

Beginning with Anime Oasis EX, the following additional rules will be in effect:

Battle Cosplay will be limited to 16 teams of 2. Advance registration is required.

Battle Cosplay will follow the same acceptable cosplay requirements as the Cosplay Challenge: "As Anime Oasis is a convention dedicated to Japanese Animation costumes for the Cosplay Challenge are required to meet the focus of the convention. The costumes must be from Japanese anime, manga, tokusatsu and video games, in which the original copyright holder is Japanese.
* Dojinshi and unique characters from live actor movies based on anime or manga are not permitted. (i.e. Dragon ball Evolution etc.)
Original costumes are not acceptable.
If you have questions, you must contact us in advance, or you may prevented from entering. Exceptions can only be made by the convention chairman. Current exception(s): RWBY, Avatar-the last airbender, Love Nikki

To apply for Battle Cosplay, please email us at with the following information:
Your name/Your cosplay character. Your teammate's name/Your teammate's character.
Once submitted, ANY changes must be resubmitted as a new applciation and is subject to reapproval (if you had been approved).
As needed, we will allow for standby teams. These teams will be allowed to participate should an approved team miss the battle cosplay check in or have unapproved subsitutions.