Final List of Anime Oasis Dynamite Artists:
Table 39: Adam Ford Art

High quality fanart for Anime fans and those that appreciate art. Artworks are filled with attention to detail and photo frame ready. Also creating custom Japanese calligraphy pieces upon request. Get your favorite anime quotes written in Japanese calligraphy!

Tables 44-45: Akirakirai

AKIRAKIRAI, or Alexandria Lomuntad, is an artist who creates emotional and thought-provoking works that people from all backgrounds can relate to. You may view more of her work @,, or!

Table 28,29: Art of Sara Beth

I will be selling high quality prints of my original artwork, as well as homemade buttons. Though I will dabble in video game and comic book art, I focus mainly on anime subject matter and themes.

Tables 2-3: Chibi Yeti

We are artists from Washington who want to make things that make people smile! We hand screen-print and stitch each item individually, and are working to get our original art out into the world.

Tables 6-7: CrimsonnReign and Zombiehand

Two local artists join forces under one banner. Nowhere else will you find such a diverse collection of fine props, anime prints, obscure 90's shows from Canada, video game art, and a literal zombie hand. We accept credit, cash, and brraaaiiinns!

Table 21: Dani Saiz

Excited to continue a four year tradition, danidrastic is here to bring you new posters, keychains, pillows, and more! Hope to see you there! Stop by and say hi.

Table 1: Faey Killa Arts

I will be selling fan art prints, from multiple anime/games/stories, of different sizes. Aside from prints, I will also be selling bookmarks and wallet portraits of characters.

Table 20: Fox and Friends

With several artists in different specialties we have many unique and cool designs to share! Buttons, art Prints, cosplay accessories, charms and custom commissions available!

Tables 4-5: Gitana

Lolita Accessories, Mystical And Woodland Headbands, Luxury Faux Fur Animal Ears And Tails, Kawaii Plushy, Anime Japanese Related Items And Much More...

Table 18: Hanna-not-Barbera Cartoons

Hanna (Not-Barbera) Paulson is a 24 year old Boise artist. She paints in watercolors and pastels for warm and adorable results. Her favorite subject is people; be it the ones around her or the ones from her favorite cartoons.

Tables 26-27: Harvest Soup

Harvest soup is a group of artists selling a delicious variety of fan work and original work. From tasty prints to oh so sweet buttons. Come by our table and enjoy the flavors we have to offer~

Tables 42-43: Ice Dragon Collection

Looking for that special Fandom one-of-a-kind item? Then we're the place to come. Browse our unique collection of geeky totes and purses. Didn't bring a cosplay? no problem! we've got something sure to peak you interest.

Table 10: Kazma Arts

My table consists of fanart and original art prints that I hope will bring joy and excitement to the AO community! Please come at stop by and say hi!

Table 8: KenshuuDesu

Kenshikis come on over to KenshuuDesu, and say hi. We love making you smile and want to make this Anime Oasis EX one to always remember.

Table 41: Kirakira Beast

THE GLITTERING!! Kirakira Beast returns with art for your delight! From prints, to woodburns, and baubles in between! We've got something for everyone! Check out Hikka's work here: and Rio's work here:

Table 31: Maverick Arts

Here at Maverick Arts: we are a team of artists delivering quality artistic memorabilia of anime, video games, and original ideas.Check out our products at

Table 25:

Table 19: Jeremy Chaplin

Illustrations, buttons and more!

Table 17: MinisculeHeartBeat Studios

MinisculeHeartBeat's table has a variety of prints, stickers and other arts from anime and games that will warm your heart or make you smile. Stop by to see our unique products!

Table 13: Mint Tea Menagerie

Hello! Here at Mint Tea Menagerie, we have quite the collection of cuddly critters. Feel free to roam our shop, pet a dragon, and make a lifelong friend! Find us online here!

Table 15: Minty Tangerine

We're a duo team based out of Montana. Drawing is something we do every day, whether it's making new products for conventions, working on webcomics, or just drawing for the sake of drawing. We love it, and don't intend on stopping anytime soon! We first started selling at conventions in 2012 and since then have traveled all over the Pacific Northwest to share our love for anime and video games!

Table 40: Modeka Arts & Design

Specializing in all things cute, including art prints and accessories! Shop online at

Table 30: Moira's Art and Cosplay

Moira does art, crochet, and cosplay! Visit her table for stickers, commissions, and crochet items. Check out for more of her work!

Table 12: Plush it out

Come check out all the plushie creations that were hand sewn by Brooke the plushie fanatic.

Table 22: Rainytale Studio

Our cute and quirky art style has attracted fans from across the country! We offer buttons, badges, and more! Stop by our table and say "Hi" to...Catopuss?? Find us online at:

Table 36: Sage Windfeather

Heya! I’m coming back for another exciting year of AO! I’m so happy to see you all again. This year I’ll be selling prints, buttons, charms, stickers, and body pillows of new and retro fandoms See ya there!

Table 14: Sofdelux

Sofdelux Studio consists of both DarkChibiShadow and NomnomNami, two good buddies who love making games and comics together!

Table 38: Spice & Rose

Spice & Rose is your home for cozy art and some good ol' geeky fun! Stop by to pick up art, stationery, jewelry, or just to find something cute to brighten up your day! Find us online at

Tables 32-33: StudioLG

I am a freelance artist currently going around to different conventions through out the USA. I love drawing Video Games and Anime.

Tables 34-35: Sweet & Geek

We make necklaces, bracelets, earrings, key chains, aprons, and are working on candles and some digital art as well.

Table 9: Technicandy

Technicandy is an artist and maker of costume accessories, specializing in wearable ears and tails to meet your cosplay needs! She has a bachelors degree in Illustration and loves to draw fantasy, sci-fi and anthropomorphic art!

Table 37: Toasters Doodles

I draw digital artwork using Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop CS6. Stickers, prints, and badges are my favorite to draw!

Table 16: Unique Phoenix

Offering unique photo prints and items that promise not break the bank of the convention goers. You can also commission the unique artist, tojot, if you want something a little more personalized.

Table 24: Yummy Suika

A freelance comic artist operating in Toronto, Canada. She specializes in storytelling via sequential illustration. Although she has dabbled in the arts primarily as a hobbyist, she is looking to expand her horizons and explore new possibilities. Her projects are mostly in manga arts.

The Anime Oasis Dynamite Artist Alley application process is CLOSED!

The artist alley application deadline was 11:59pm on Sunday December 2nd.