• Artist Alley

    Here are this year's artists:

    Room 212:

    Tables 1-3:

    Vinylbot returns to Anime Oasis with an even greater selection of decals, cosplay goods, and brand-new custom 3-D printed items! Don't be a stranger!

    Room 213:

    Table 4:

    WTFcharms sells all kinds of clay sculpture and jewelry, 100% handmade and completely unique. Selection includes both fandom related goodies and original designs. New designs every year.

    Table 5:

    Wands, charms, paintings, plushies, tails and more! Sweet Stoof has a whole lot of anything and a little bit of everything.

    Table 6:

    Sakura's World of Charms specializes in everything kawaii, pastel-y, and lolita! Our products range from kawaii earrings to decoden containers to even personalized phone cases. Additional to this year's con, we are adding jewelry and lolita hair accessories~

    Table 7:

    I go by Yashi, and I will be selling prints, bookmarks, and hopefully stickers. I like drawing fan art from a lot of different animes, so I'll have a lot of things to choose from!

    Room 214:

    Table 8:

    Sutura Doctrix- Stitch Doctor: The finest crocheted amigurumi, character dolls, custom toys, and other threadbent accessories!

    Table 9:

    Not only can you find adorable plushie buddies waiting to be adopted. You can buy plushie hair accessories as well from Plush It Out.

    Table 10:

    Firecat Studios offers a variety of fandom-related and original creations from stickers and keychains to plushies and scarves. Sketch commissions are also available at exclusive convention only prices!

    Table 11:

    Returning for our fourth year, Milkcannon Charms is back for all of your adorable charm needs! We specialize in clay charms, sculptures, and small-scale illustrations. If you're looking for something cute and nerdy, be sure to come visit!

    Table 12:

    Description: Featuring super cute custom-made walolitas, yukatas, hadaka aprons, hair bows, big a** bows and more. Any size, any color! Debit/credit cards accepted. https://www.facebook.com/MimisCosplay

    Table 13:

    Art and Design by Neo Bengoa. Fully tuned, large ocarinas as well as small souvenir ocarinas. Fanart and prints, both photo and paper. Custom commissions and badges will also be available!

    Table 14:

    Come find Lucas and lets go on an adventure! With creepy and cute things, you never know what you may come across! Pokemon, lolita, art and more!

    Room 215:

    Table 15:

    Hello and welcome to ChuChu´s Corner! We have prints for sale as well as Pokemon commissions! I only have so many slots available for the commissions so come and get them while you can! Only one Pokemon per commission please.

    Table 16:

    nani's shop bringing you hand made items of every sort that you can use every day

    Table 17:

    Artists GiriX and LordZaix will be providing prints for many different works, including original and fanart. Make a wish and commission them for low price arts as well! Hopefully, there will also be limited amount of items such as shirts and posters (among other art products) as well.

    Table 18:

    Fandom prints and ALL the slash! Plus other things, if you're interested. Visit at uncreativeart.tumblr.com

    Room 216:

    Table 19:

    Daniel and Jennifer are proud to bring you exciting fan art and original creations. Prints and Original art. We will be taking limited commissions this year.

    Table 20:

    Posters and Stuff of Original Characters! Chibify Your Bad-Self! Commissions! Plus! Ask Beatríz a question and it will appear in an upcoming BeaTrivia --- Beatríz's own Advice Column!

    Table 21:

    A little kawaii shop by Miki providing flowers crowns, lots of neat lacy colorful bows, punk-lolita goods and even 8 bit accessories! Stop by for a cute time!

    Table 22:

    Here at Dreathens Leather we customize in your custom orders. Along with a full assortment of leather accessories. Please stop in to say hi.

    Room 217:

    Tables 23 + 24:

    Cute, colorful, anime-inspired art! Prints, greeting cards, hand-made bookmarks & pin-back buttons, and chibi commissions will be available! Come visit with us~

    Table 25:

    Providing wig services such as detangling and styling! We assist cosplayers in looking their best for photo gatherings and the Cosplay Compitition as well as aiding wig matinance for general wear and tear of a convention at a reasonable price.

    Room 218:

    Tables 26-27:

    We sell posters, buttons, keychains, bookmarks, hats and plushies. We have original art in addition to fanart. Some of the fandom’s we include are: Minecraft, My Little Pony, Princess Tutu, Zelda, Pokemon, Doctor Who, Tokyo Mewmew, & many more! You can see a sample of all the different items we sell at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/PicturePurrfectArt

    Table 28:

    Come by and check out some awesome coins featuring characters from My Little Pony. A must have for fans and collectors, collect all six.

    Room 219:

    Table 29:

    Night Children has everything from Lolita hair clips and accessories to general fandom and animal ear hats. We also take commissions for special items and customization is available for most of our items.

    Table 30:

    Offering unique photo prints and items that promise not break the bank of the convention goers. You can also commission the unique artist, tojot, if you want something a little more personalized. Find her at http://tojot.deviantart.com/

    Table 31:

    We’re Maverick Star. We’re new and don’t have much to offer. We plan to start out with art posters and then branch out from there.

    Room 220:

    Table 32:

    GC is a webcomic taking the internet by storm! This little boy love is a dramatic comedy, partly by one of our own Idahonians. We will also have various art and accessories, some in the manly love variety. Commissions available.

    Table 33-34:

    Here for our fourth year in a row, Dignified Bunny has one-of-a-kind accessories for lolita styles, steam punk styles, and every day wear.

    Table 35:

    Coming to Anime Oasis for the very first year, Cutie Crafts specializes in papercrafts of all your favorite characters, including bookmarks and keychains too! If you don't see anything you like, go ahead and ask for commissions!

    Artist Alley tables are for anyone who is attending Anime Oasis Compile and is interested in selling Art or other homemade Anime Related goods (such as cosplay). No food of any type (pre-packaged or homemade may be sold in Artist Alley). Artist are responsible for the ensuring their art does not violate copyright laws.