• Anime Oasis' Artist Alley presents a chance for artists and crafters to sell their homemade items/art.
    Artist Alley is ONLY intended for homemade items. Mass production items are not permitted (this does not include prints of orignal art). Food or drink of any kind are also not permitted.

    In addition to purchasing a table(s), you must also purchase an Anime Oasis Shine 4 Day Ticket to participate in Artist Alley.

    Artists must also submit the following 2 items:
    #1. A 15-40 word description for their table(s)
    #2. A 500 pixel wide by 100 pixel tall banner for their table(s)

  • Anime Oasis Shine Artist Alley Tables are sold out.

    Tables #1-2:

    Vinylbot Decals & More.

    Vinylbot returns to Anime Oasis with an even greater selection of decals, cosplay goods, and brand-new custom 3-D printed items! Don't be a stranger!

    Table #3:

    Geeky Alpaca

    What exactly does a store with a name like GeekyAlpaca sell, exactly? Trinkets, odds and ends, that sort of thing. Some may call this junk. Me? I call it treasure.

    Table #4:

    Sage of Winds

    Hello! This is Sage of Winds, and I'll be selling 11"x17" prints, 5"x7" mini prints, buttons, and a fan comic book featuring The Legend of Zelda! I also have on site sketches and commissions available online.

    Table #5-6:

    Gilded Cage

    GC is a boy love webcomic, but our other merchandise is also on sale. Fandom pillows, posters, buttons and keychains will be available for sale.

    Table #7:


    With a new booth name, the creators of 'DokiDoki' return for their third consecutive year at Anime Oasis’s artist alley. Bringing back our signature lolita deer headbands, our new surprises include jewelry & temporary tattoos...plus many more~

    Table #8:

    Plush It Out

    Adopt new plushie friends here, you can also buy other plushie accessories as well. Come meet Brooke our plushie artist lady.

    Table #9: This Artist was the Winner of the Anime Oasis Compile Fanart Contest!!

    Vanillaware Fanfare

    Welcome to our table! We offer quality prints of some of our favorite games so please stop by-even if you just want to say hello! Prints are $5 each or 2 for $7!

    Table #10: This Artist received 2nd place in the Anime Oasis Compile Fanart Contest!!

    Doodle Fox

    An eclectic table with three artists. Original and fan artwork, quality photography, and fun crochet. Stop by for prints, buttons, hats, bookmarks, notebooks, commissions, and more!

    Table #11:

    WTF Charms

    Completely handmade charms, jewelry, and sculptures lovingly crafted from colored clay and glazed for strength and durability. With a selection that encompasses a broad range of fandoms, you're sure to find something you'll like.

    Table #12:


    Hand made Asian Fashion and Accessories. Perfect for Cosplayer’s as well as Asian Fashion enthusiasts. Cute and Unique Japanese, Korean and everything In-between Fashions. Affordable and Adorable! Come check us out!

    Table #13:

    Firecat Studios

    Firecat Studios is back for another year! With stickers, keychains, prints, plushies, sketch commissions, and more, our table has something for everyone. We can't wait to see everyone!

    Table #14:

    Alpha Lolli Crafts

    Fun inexpensive pastel goth accessories, props, horns and flower crowns-! Back again for year two its Alpha Lolli Crafts, stop by and visit our FaceBook page for merch and updates!

    Table #15:


    As the banner says, ears, tails and more! Our main focus is super soft ears and tails for all your cosplay needs! We also offer artwork, accessories and friendly conversation~

    Table #16:

    DJ Fanart

    DJ fanart returns this year to bring you more fun custom fanart and creations! We take commissions and requests! This year we will have a couple freebees art cards, and a giveaway drawing!

    Table #17:

    Milkcannon Charms

    Come for the charms, stay for the charming people! Milkcannon Charms specializes in clay charms, jewellery, sculptures, and coloured pencil illustrations based off all the best fandoms!

    Table #18:


    For fine crochet! Cute amigurumi renditions of popular anime characters, fandom, and fantasy! Made with care and love by the Doktor. Come see what’s been stitched up!

    Table #19:

    Sweet Stoof

    From clay miniatures, paintings, buttons and knitted goods Sweet Stoof has a little bit of everything.

    Table #20:



    Table #21:



    Table #22:


    Become a cat with fashionable furry ears with bows or a deer with beautiful antlers decorated with flowers on a headband. My designs include kawaii accessories, geeky items, warm cowls, hats and gloves. Stop by to see more!

    Table #23-25:

    Elements of Craft

    Looking for kawaii jewelry? Plushies? How about a cute custom apron themed to your favorite nerdy obsession? You found the right shop.

    Table #26-27:

    Picture Purrfect

    Picture Purrfect sells a large host of unique hand crafted items. We have Buttons, Keychains, Bookmarks, Stickers, Magnets, Posters, Hats, Scarves, Plushies, and Ball Jointed Doll clothes. Our items are inspired by a large variety of fandoms, like Minecraft, Doctor Who, Pokemon, My Little Pony and many more, as well as original art and designs! You can check us out at: www.picturepurrfectart.com

    Table #28:

    Maverick Star

    We’re Maverick Star. We’re new and don’t have much to offer. We plan to start out with art posters and then branch out from there.

    Table #29:

    Night Children

    Night Children has everything from Lolita hair clips and accessories to general fandom and animal ear hats. We also take commissions for special items and customization is available for most of our items.

    Table #30:

    Furry Gladiators

    Furry Gladiators offers a variety of props for both furries and other cosplayers. We'll have a variety of ears and tails, as well as duct tape armor pieces and weapons.

    Table #31:

    Unique Phoenix Studios

    Offering unique fan work prints and items that promise not break the bank of the convention goers. Stop by and have a look.

    Table #32:

    Offworld Baubles

    Offworld Baubles sells handmade wearables; clothes, shoes, jewelry, and other random accessories can be found that are great for cosplays or every day use. Custom orders are always welcome at http://www.etsy.com/shop/offworldbaubles

    Table #33:

    Goupy Cat

    Featuring Goupy Cat Gifts and Chelsea’s Costumes cosplay accessories and clothing All designed by our minds and created with our hands out of earth, elements, plants, etc under the Paw Perfect approval of Goupy cat

    Table #34-35:

    Harvest Soup

    Harvest soup is a delicious mix of fanart, bookmarks, commissions, handmade items and more! Come take a bite out of our wares and don't forget to give your compliments to the chef!

    Table #36:



    Table #37:

    Arts by Jamie

    Arts by Jamie will have anime and non-anime products for sale. Get your one-of-a-kind buttons, key chains, bookmarks, magnets and prints from me. Commissions are also available. Be sure to stop by!

    Table #38:

    Dribblin’s Patches

    Nerdy embroidered patches to place wherever you want them. From one fan to another I am bringing you patches from a wide range of fandoms.