Due to continuing COVID-19 restrictions:
Anime Oasis Revive has been canceled.

Refund request information is now available.
Refunds will be available for any tickets purchased for Anime Oasis Revive for any reason.
Refunds will also be available for any tickets or Artist Alley tables purchased for Anime Oasis JUN!! and were exchanged to Anime Oasis Revive tickets/tables.
Refunds will be for the full amount paid including tax and ticketing fees (which are included in Anime Oasis' listed pricing)
Refunds that are too old to be processed via refund to card or are rejected by the card (such as the original card was canceled, etc) will be issued by mail in the form of a check.

Details for Anime Oasis in 2022 are still being finalized.
Anyone with tickets and/or an artist alley table will be able to exchange their current ticket/table for a ticket/table for the Anime Oasis in 2022.
Unlike last year: You will not have to request an exchange, these will happen automatically after the refund period ends. (Either in the form of new tickets being issued or being able to use the existing tickets for the new event. To be determined)
Anyone who exchanges their ticket will receive a free t-shirt at the Anime Oasis in 2022. (1 ticket = 1 t-shirt) as a token of our appreciation of your continued support.